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గమ్యం: ఎంతవరకు ఎందుకొరకు ఇంత పరుగు అని అడక్కు

Audio Song:
Video Song:
Movie Name
Music Director
   E.S. Murthy & Anil
Year Released
   Sharvanand, Allari Naresh,
   Kamalini Mukharjee
   Radhakrishna Jagarlamudi
   J. SaiBabu


Song Context:
     Know thyself/yourself! అదే మనిషి తనం!

Song Lyrics

||ప|| |అతడు|
       ఎంతవరకు ఎందుకొరకు ఇంత పరుగు అని అడక్కు
       గమనమే నీ గమ్యమైతే బాటలోనే బ్రతుకు దొరుకు
       ప్రశ్నలోనే బదులు ఉంది గుర్తుపట్టే గుండెనడుగు
       ప్రపంచం నీలో ఉన్నదని చెప్పేదాక ఆ నిజం తెలుసుకోవా
       తెలిస్తే ప్రతీ చోట నిన్ను నువ్వే కలుసుకుని పలకరించుకోవా
                               || ఎంతవరకు ఎందుకొరకు ||
||చ|| |అతడు|
       కనపడేవెన్నెన్ని కెరటాలు కలగలిపి సముద్రమంటారు
       అడగరే ఒక్కొక్క అల పేరు మనకిలా ఎదురైన ప్రతివారు
       మనిషనే సంద్రాన కెరటాలు పలకరే మనిషి అంటే ఎవరూ
       సరిగా చూస్తున్నదా నీ మది, గదిలో నువ్వే కదా ఉన్నది
       చుట్టూ అద్దాలలో విడి విడి రూపాలు నువ్వు కాదంటున్నది
       నీ ఊపిరిలో లేదా గాలి వెలుతురు నీ చూపుల్లో లేదా
       మన్ను మిన్ను నీరు అన్నీ కలిపితే నువ్వే కాదా కాదా…
                                         || ప్రపంచం నీలో ||
||చ|| |అతడు|
       మనసులో నీవైన భావాలే బయట కనిపిస్తాయి దృశ్యాలై
       నీడలు నిజాల సాక్ష్యాలే శతృవులు నీలోని లోపాలే
       స్నేహితులు నీకున్న ఇష్టాలే ఋతువులు నీ భావ చిత్రాలే..
       ఎదురైన మందహాసం నీలోని చెలిమి కోసం
       మోసం,రోషం,ద్వేషం నీ మకిలి మతికి భాష్యం
       పుటక చావు రెండే రెండు నీకవి సొంతం కావు పోనీ..
       జీవితకాలం నీదే నేస్తం రంగులు ఏం వేస్తావో కానీ…
                      (Contributed by Nagarjuna)


                   2008 Nandi Award Winner!
      56th Idea Filmfare Awards 2008 South Winner!
This site was concieved to highlight this type of songs. Yet the irony is, it is impossible to do proper justice in the explanation of such songs! So our aim is to throw some light from one perspective of the meaning…
If your destination is travelling in the right path then that path will make your life fruitful. Follow it sincerely & persistently!
Asking questions is easy but answering them may not be. But if you ask the right questions you yourself will/must be able to find the answers!
Understand yourself first. In that process you yourself will learn to understand the fellow humans. Then you will understand this world and thus this world is in yourself!
Waves make the ocean. But each wave does not have an individual identity.
Similarly all the people together make this world. However if you call “Hey human” why nobody responds. In other words why each one has his/her own identity and in turn why each one is isolating oneself?
If you see it with your heart each human is a reflection of yourself.
Isn’t there air in your breath? Isn’t there light in your sight? By mixing the earth, sky and water doesn’t that make YOU? || So understand yourself to understand this world !!

Your thoughts reflect in your actions! Your shadows are the witnesses to the truth in you!
Your shrotcomings are your enemies. Your strengths are your friends! The seasons are your own (colourful) thoughts!
The friendly smiles from fellow humans is the reflection of your friendliness!
Deciet, anger, and hatred are the meaning of your dirtiness!
Your birth and your death are not in your control!
In between, it is only you who can make your own life however colorful you want to make. Yes it is in your own hands!

This song has many aspects, contrasting ones as well!
There is idealism and practicality!
There is philosophy and mythology!
There is spirituality and physicality!
“Knowing thyself” is understanding human behaviour, thoughts, morals which help in understanding oneself and in turn fellow humans, in one aspect, is arguable as an idealistic (ultimate) goal!
However a less ambitious goal of knowing one’s (and also others) strengths/weaknesses, ability to think properly, making right friends and controlling the anger, constant self analysis, understanding what is in your control and what is not, ultimately believing that your life is in your own hands (as is told in ||చ 2||) leads to the following summary (as given in ||ప||) -> If you follow the right path by constantly questioning and you yourself deriving the answers to them, you will reach your goals - This is the practicality and the message.
All the humans are the same like the waves of an ocean: is the idealistic మనిషి తనం.
However understanding the commanality among humans and differenting it with the individualism of each human (which is practical మనిషి తనం) would bring the humans together and lead to a peaceful society.
Comparing humans with the combination of పంచభూతాలు - air, light(fire), earth, sky(space), water is spiritualitic as well as Hindu mythologicalistic.
However appreciating the humans (the philosophy of life between the two facts - birth & death - that are not in your control) and the physicalilty (physical exisitence in the world) would lead to a meaningful individual life and a peaceful society.
For further reading you can search the web for idealism, practicality, philosophy, mythology, spirituality, physicality, know thyself etc.