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    www.sirivennela-bhavalahari.org site is exclusively dedicated to analyze, discuss, exchange views on sirivennela Seetharama Shastry poetry (సిరివెన్నెల సీతారామ శాస్త్రి గారి పద్యములు) for and by the poetry loving community of the world.

  • This site is administered by Sirivennela poetry lovers.
  • We believe:
    1) Sirivennela’s Poetry with its philosophy is a treasure for the humankind.
    2) Analyzing it is educational, applicable, and enlightening to us.

    What to expect:
    1) With the release of a new movie, We post Sirivennela’s songs with the lyrics and the highlights.
    2) Otherwise once every week We post the analysis of past Sirivennela’s songs.
    3) We encourage and welcome the community to provide their own analysis of a song.
    We will gladly post them on your name.
    Please send your analysis to My Song Analysis

    You will like this site if:
    1) You are tired of rewinding the CD/cassette/audio player trying to know that “word(s)” to understand
    the meaning, wondering either you have a hearing problem, too much music, or the singer messed
    it up, then you are like us. Warm welcome to the site!
    2) You are looking for the lyrics of Sirivennela’s Songs as a singer or just a listener.
    (You can copy the telugu lyrics into a Microsoft Word file and print them out to enjoy off the web.)
    3) You want to see the lyrics while listening to the song, in the same screen shot.
    4) You want to understand the meaning (భావం) of the lyrics (sometimes in english) as other folks explain.
    5) You want to understand the deeper meaning of lyrics.
    6) You want to discuss and exchange views on Sirivennela’s songs with folks of your kind.
    7) You want to analyze the lyrics yourself and share with the community.
    8.) You want to get some kick in your daily life with a few inspirational words… attached to a tune.
    9) Before going to watch a movie (new/old) you want to listen to and understand the lyrics.
    (We tell you, that is a totally new experience! Warning - You can get addicted to it!)
    10) You want to buy audio CDs of some telugu songs but need help on how to choose a few good songs.
    (We can help. But sorry, We don’t sell audio CDs or songs here)
    11) You are a music creator looking for good lyrics to practice on. (Promise, We serve the best lyrics!)
    12) You want Sirivennela’s songs to be categorized as పెళ్ళి, మానసిక ఘర్షణ, జీవితం etc. and would like to
    know all the songs belonging to the category of your choice. We got it here at your
    fingertips (rather fingertaps)!

    Of course, You will also like this site if:
    1) You do not have anything else to do, but pass the time… may be with some purpose…
    2) You want to learn the lyrics in a movie of your favourite actor/actress and sing them in the bathroom!
    3) You are preparing for a Quiz test and want to brush up some quick facts on Sirivennela’s songs.
    4) You want to be a lyricist or poet and become ఏకలవ్య శిష్య of Sirivennela.

    How to navigate the site:
    1) Each page is for one song. Each song consists of “Context”, “Lyrics” and “Highlights”.
    While looking at the lyrics, you can listen to the song using the audio on the left handside.
    For selected songs video links are also provided to view.
    2) Each song is categorized as పెళ్ళి, మానసిక ఘర్షణ, జీవితం etc. Learn to use the “Concept Search” as
    pointed out in point 4.b below.
    3) In each page, just below the song title, you see a line like “Posted by …. on …. 2009 in పెళ్ళి” where
    the song is categorized as “పెళ్ళి”. By clicking on the పెళ్ళి, you can also access all the songs posted
    in the category పెళ్ళి!
    4) Use the sidebar “Search by”:
    a. General Search - to search by any word(s) in “English” or “తెలుగు” in the entire site.
    (Example 1: Type the word “యదసడి” to see all Sirivennela Songs having the word “యదసడి”)
    (Example 2: Type the word “Krishna Vamsi” to see all Sirivennela Songs in the movies
    directed by “Krishna Vamsi”)
    b. Concept Search – to search the songs by category.
    c. Archives – to select the songs posted in a given month.
    d. Recent Postings – to select the songs posted on the most recent date(s).
    e. Recent comments – to select the comments posted on the most recent date(s).
    f. Monthly Calendar – to see the posting dates in a given month
    5) Blog Archives: to select the songs posted in a given year. If you click on a  given year, you can go backward (by clicking on “Older Entries”) or forward (by clicking on “Newer Entries“) in the order the songs are posted.
    Coming Soon:
    List of all the movies with the song titles by Sirivennela and other metadata
    Checkout the following links:
    1) Posted Sirivennela Songs with Lyrics So far
    2) Other WWW links to Sirivennela sites
    3) Interviews on Sirivennela
    4) Award Winning Songs
    5) Books Written by Sirivennela
    6) అభిమానుల ఉత్తరాలు

  • Looking for Volunteers: to help build the site. If you are interested in lyrics, please contact us.
  • Mail to:for General Suggestions
  • Being Sirivennela poetry lovers, we thrive for perfection! And always open to critical comments! If you find any mistakes, typos… please let us know with the fixes. Thanks a lot in advance for your contribution.
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